Work ON My Business

Work ON it not in it …

Your family, your team, and your business depend ON it!

Are you a business owner stuck in the busyness of business?

Do you find it difficult to work ON your business because you spend too much time working in your business?

As an Ideation & Strategy Consultant, I help business owners see beyond the current day-to-day, so they can think about their business in whole new ways.

I work with owners and their team to find fresh perspectives to challenges so they can envision – and achieve – new growth paths.

Let’s talk!




The Process

To develop a customized program for your business, I spend time in your business absorbing the culture and understanding what’s important. Then we schedule a series of in-depth meetings to determine a customized plan of action.







Why Work ON My Business?

George Biastre Jr. brings unique, unbiased perspectives and applies them in your business. He worked in, managed, owned, and supported privately-held businesses for 40+ years. 

Starting at age 14 George honed his customer service and mechanical skills working in hardware stores and bicycle shops. George achieved his first management role by 17.  Next came a business degree, successful careers in client relations, sales, marketing, business ownership, and business development. Now he is dedicated to helping business owners like you think differently. 

To help you work ON your business, George leans into his strengths of ideation and strategy to help you to focus ON what is most important to your business.

Using a customizable system of visioning and exploration, George helps you discover areas where your business can be more productive and successful. Then he works with you to find your path to get it there.